Noodles #13 Count the squares


Noodles #13 Count the squares

Enjoy…Have a great day!

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Noodle Twisters #12-Eye Test

Noodle Twisters #12-Eye Test

th (4)





The Eye Test- Brain Games-


How many “F’s” do you see? Are you a genius?


Post your answers under comments and see how you compete with those that got “Genius” level!


Make it a Great Day!




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Noodle Twisters #11 Can u find 7 faces on this picture




Comment if you found all 7

Have a great day!



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Noodle Twisters #9 Truth and Liarsville

Noodle Twisters #9 Truth & Liarsville

Who would you believe?

Lost in the woods, you finally happen upon a rickety old bridge across a deep ravine. The ravine is too steep to go down and climb back up. You need to know if the bridge is safe. As luck would have it, you recognize that on the other side of the bridge is that dreadful town, “Truth and Liarsville”. Everyone who lives there either ALWAYS tells the truth or ALWAYS lies. You are tired and you’ve been lost in Truth and Liarsville before. You see three men on the other side of the bridge. You shout out: “Are you truth-tellers?” The first man says something, but you can’t hear what he said.
The second man shouts, “He said he was a truth-teller.”
The third man shouts, “No, he didn’t. He said he was a liar.”
Which man do you ask to find out whether or not the bridge is safe?

Why people Lie?

Lying to Save Face:

Why do people do it?

 Self- preservation. While it may be instinctual, people who frequently cover up innocent errors may start to feel as if they have permission to be irresponsible. What’s more, it can become grueling for them to keep track of those deceptions.  “Lies have no memories”. Eventually those lies hinder people from having close relationships and connections.

Lying to Shift Blame:

How to avoid it:

Dig Deep: In some cases blame shifting can signal difficulty with accepting responsibility for your actions says Joseph S. Weiner, chief of consultation psychiatry at North Shore University Hospital, in Manhasset, New York. Maybe you were criticized for making mistakes as a child, for example ans so now you’re afraid to own up because of what other people may think of you. Once you realize this is a behavior that can be changed you can start to regain the power you may feel you don’t have.

Yesterday’s answer: Envelope 3

Make it a great day!


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Noodle twisters #8 Which Envelope?

Noodle twisters #8 Which Envelope?

picture of envelopes

You are presented with three envelopes. Each envelope has two statements written on it, the statements on one envelope are both true, the statements on another are both false, and the remaining envelope has one statement that is true and one that is false.\n Envelope 1:\n 1. The formula is not in here\n 2. The formula is in envelope 2\n Envelope 2:\n 1. The formula is not in envelope 1\n 2. The formula is in envelope 3\n Envelope 3.\n 1. The formula is not here\n 2. The formula is in envelope 1.\n Which envelope contains the formula?

Write your answer below

Good luck,


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Yesterdays answer:


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Noodle Twisters- #7 Life Choices

Noodle Twisters #7- Life Choices

What would you do???

You are leading 100 people in a survivalist situation, when suddenly your lives are in danger and you must choose between two courses of action. One would cause 10 of the people to die and everyone else would live, the other would have a 70% chance of saving everyone but were it to fail then everyone would die. Which would you choose?

Life Choices

Life is hard. Whether its weighing the pros and cons about important decisions or just setting good examples for those that look up to us. What make the decisions hard is the fact that we know we cannot undo them. We need to be responsible for all the circumstances that may arise from whatever decision we have made. Maybe it was bad business choices or not taking care of our health. Keeping a positive outlook on life is what is important. Sure, we have all made mistakes, “little or big” ones, but as long as we learn from it, move forward and try our best to succeed. Life choices is what makes us who we are.

Make it a great day!

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Noodle Twisters #6 Egg Salesman Selling

Noodle Twisters #6 Egg Salesman Selling

An egg salesman was asked how many eggs he had sold that day. He replied, “My first customer said, ‘I’ll buy half your eggs and half an egg more’. My second and third customers said the same thing. When I had filled all three orders, I sold out of eggs without having to break a single egg the whole day.” (Place your answer in the box below. Today’s answer will be given tomorrow Terrific Tuesday 10/8/2013.)

Nostalgia..Our Sentimental Memories:Nostalgia

Wow A  Egg salesman.  Have not heard about that in a long while.  Remember the Milkman, Charlies Chips, Hammer Soda just to name a few? Remember no cell phones? Boy how things have changed, we are living in a different world.

Isn’t it great to remember back when, how we have grown and things have changed in this wonderful world.  I would love to hear what you remember growing up and how you feel about it. Let’s share it together.  Leave your comments below.

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Previous answers

Answer from 10/4 Palindromes: EYE

Answer from Super Sunday: Three.  The Doorman let’s in those who answer with the number of letters in the word the Doorman says.

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Noodle twisters #5 for Super Sunday

Noodle Twisters #5 for Super Sunday

A man wanted to enter an exclusive club but did not know the password that was required. He waited by the door and listened. A club member knocked on the door and the doorman said, “twelve.” The member replied, “six ” and was let in. A second member came to the door and the doorman said, “six.” The member replied, “three” and was let in. The man thought he had heard enough and walked up to the door. The doorman said ,”ten” and the man replied, “five.” But he was not let in. What should he have said?


On Noodle Twisters #6 Motivating Monday

Have a great Day!!

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Noodle Twisters #4 Inspirational Quote Saying “Don’t Quit”

Noodle Twisters #4

Inspirational Quote Saying “Don’t Quit”      Image Road_Go_On

Don’t Quit

When things go wrong as they sometimes will,
When the road you’re trudging seems all up hill,
When the funds are low and the debts are high
And you want to smile, but you have to sigh,

When care is pressing you down a bit,
Rest if you must, but don’t you quit.
Life is queer with its twists and turns,
As every one of us sometimes learns,

And many a failure turns about
When he might have won had he stuck it out;
Don’t give up though the pace seems slow–
You may succeed with another blow,
Success is failure turned inside out–

The silver tint of the clouds of doubt,
And you never can tell how close you are,
It may be near when it seems so far;

So stick to the fight when you’re hardest hit–
It’s when things seem worst that you must not quit.

When the going gets tough, the tough get going

No one in life has a free ride to success. You must have failure in order to learn.

It has been acknowledged that people quit because they are ashamed of failing.

Some people never try because they are afraid of success, they would not know how to handle it when they receive it.

So inwardly, basically where it all starts, they set themselves up to lose. They tell themselves well I tried but it did not work.

That is about 95% of the population. They become “content” in where they are and live their life accordingly.

The Masters

Then you have 5% of the population who are go getter. The word failure, giving up or quitting is not in their vocabulary.

They have a drive and are “strong willed” to win, to succeeding and making their dreams real.  They look at it as if someone else can do it why can’t I …which is true. Unless of course their is a disability to hinder them, but yet they will overcome that disability and find another way.  Guinness World Book of Records are filled with like people. As we know you have to have that will, that want, that burning desire and nothing but nothing will stop you until you reach your goal. That desire ONLY comes from within. Find it,Follow it and never ever give up and never let go.  Those I call the Masters in this world.  The Masters of their destiny. They were not born that way, they started just where you are.

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Have a great day!

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#3 Noodle Twisters Palindromes for Fun Fridays


Noodle Twisters #3


Palindromes for Fun Fridays

Do you know what this is?

Pronounced as one letter but written with three, only two different letters are used to make me I’m double, I’m single, I’m brown, blue, and gray,     I’m read from both ends and the same either way.

Palindromes are fun.

Palindromes are words, phrase, a verse or sentence that reads the same backward or forward. It really allows you to improve your brain health & performance by improving core cognitive functions.  Neuroscientists have developed specific scientific workouts to exercise memory and attention. Exercising your brain by using riddles, puzzles,twisters etc. keeps your brain alert, always aware, increases the speed of your thinking and helps make you a better problem solver. It keeps us social for many times we try to “solve” together to get the answer and it will allow us to laugh, which increases the serotonin level in the brain to keep us happy and content.

With that in mind, Noodle Twisters can’t dispute what scientific facts are but can help us keep our brains alive and healthy. tune in here on fun Fridays…lets all use our noodles and tune back here on Monday for the answer.

Make it a great day!

Noodle Twisters





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