Noodle Twisters #9 Truth and Liarsville

Noodle Twisters #9 Truth & Liarsville

Who would you believe?

Lost in the woods, you finally happen upon a rickety old bridge across a deep ravine. The ravine is too steep to go down and climb back up. You need to know if the bridge is safe. As luck would have it, you recognize that on the other side of the bridge is that dreadful town, “Truth and Liarsville”. Everyone who lives there either ALWAYS tells the truth or ALWAYS lies. You are tired and you’ve been lost in Truth and Liarsville before. You see three men on the other side of the bridge. You shout out: “Are you truth-tellers?” The first man says something, but you can’t hear what he said.
The second man shouts, “He said he was a truth-teller.”
The third man shouts, “No, he didn’t. He said he was a liar.”
Which man do you ask to find out whether or not the bridge is safe?

Why people Lie?

Lying to Save Face:

Why do people do it?

 Self- preservation. While it may be instinctual, people who frequently cover up innocent errors may start to feel as if they have permission to be irresponsible. What’s more, it can become grueling for them to keep track of those deceptions.  “Lies have no memories”. Eventually those lies hinder people from having close relationships and connections.

Lying to Shift Blame:

How to avoid it:

Dig Deep: In some cases blame shifting can signal difficulty with accepting responsibility for your actions says Joseph S. Weiner, chief of consultation psychiatry at North Shore University Hospital, in Manhasset, New York. Maybe you were criticized for making mistakes as a child, for example ans so now you’re afraid to own up because of what other people may think of you. Once you realize this is a behavior that can be changed you can start to regain the power you may feel you don’t have.

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